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Many pouches made for the health care industry are made with medical grade Tyvek on one side and a clear laminate on the other. These pouches, often referred to as chevron pouches, are used for products which are sterilized and the two sides are peeled apart to open the package. Foil laminates are also often used by medical customers for the highest level of barrier protection available. Read More >>


Most packaging for food products must have barrier qualities that keep the contents fresh for an extended period of time. The two most common barrier requirements are for water vapor and oxygen. Different food products will have different barrier requirements. Read More >>


Some industrial products need to have barrier quality packaging for protection against humidity or harsh and destructive environments. Read More >>


Occasionally packaging just doesn’t fit into any broad product category. If you have a unique application (things like ultraviolet light exposure or extreme temperatures, for example) we may be able to help you. Read More >>

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