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Problem: A manufacturer of an assortment of safety products required various bladder and tubing systems to be deployed in emergency situations. Failure of any part of several assemblies was not an option.

Solution: Assistance to this customer was provided during the development of their products. Several improvements were implemented to make the product fail safe. Materials were selected to insure perfect heat seal performance. Quality assurance steps are performed at a high level to insure life saving product performance.

Problem: Immediately following food preparation, our customer had a need to preserve the freshness of their product for several hours.

Solution: Flex-Pak Packaging co-developed a custom designed pouch that held the food product in precisely controlled pressure and temperature settings. Coordination with several hardware partners was required to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

Problem: Chemical analysis of test samples was being altered as a result of a laminate’s internal sealant layer scavenging the liquid sample at a molecular level.

Solution: A chemically non-reactive sealant layer was required to solve this problem. Several tests were required to find a laminate that would not alter our customer’s test results.

Problem: A product with hydroscopic properties (water absorbent) is used for a seasonal need. End users would have product sometimes go bad from the beginning of a season to the end of a season. This caused experienced customers to place frequent small orders. Less experienced end users would have product go bad at the end of a season or certainly have a useless product from one year to the next. The manufacturer who packaged the product spent an abundance of time and money replacing out of date product.

Solution: A new material that has excellent water vapor barrier qualities was selected. The water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of the new material is significantly lower and able to protect the extremely hydroscopic material for several seasons of storage before use.

Problem: Certain food and industrial products present special barrier demands. In some cases, chemicals in a product will migrate through the innermost seal layer of a laminate. The bond between the sealant layer and the next layer can then be degraded or destroyed. Barrier qualities can be made useless as the mechanical properties of a package deteriorate.

Solution: Laminates must be designed with special properties that can withstand the punishment. Sometimes custom laminates are available, otherwise a purpose built laminate must be designed.

Problem: An extreme barrier quality material was required in many different pouch sizes and other packaging formats. Difficult to predict needs would pop up, making lead time for delivery a show stopper.

Solution: Flex-Pak has set up a blanket order arrangement for this customer. Material and production scheduling can be done more efficiently. Products can now be shipped as required to meet their customer demands.

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